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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Your Value? It does matter...

Adding Value to Others

“Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the
kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people.” Matthew 4.23

It's a perfect example for the beginning of my thoughts, how did Jesus added value to others? When you think of Jesus, is there anything bad in his omnipotent existence? This in fact, is adding value to others... ask yourself “Is my life better because of that person?”, of course by default your opinion of that person can answer that and here is my point.

Having good relations is not only vital in your life but it's indispensable, you cannot think of one person that has had a legitimate success having bad relations with everyone he meets. This is no coincidence, people who help others ultimately have more success be it moral or material. But, how? Is there anyway to free this egotistical mind of mine? John Maxwell gives several tips on this:

1.Putting other people first in your thoughts,
2.Discovering what others need,
3.Satisfying their needs with excellency and generosity.

This topic is not much further from my last note of 'Giving' , again: Cultivate the quality of generosity in your life. If only together everyone would follow this steps I can surely guarantee there would be a stark difference in the world's quality. But then again, this is only me talking. Might you think differently, but this is in no needs to disrupt your morals, they are all yours to choose from here until the end.

I shall pray to god that everyone in the world in fact, is trying to make a difference for anything better.

Thank you,
1:30 AM, Friday, June 12, 2009.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Como olas del Mar

Esas saladas gotas de rocio caen por mis ojos, para recordarme cuanto me pesa esta carga. No son lagrimas de tristeza, son lagrimas del recuerdo. Son dudas. Preguntas sin respuesta. Lagrimas de coraje, rabia. Lagrimas de agua de mar que se mezclan con un rio de pensamientos.

Quizas la clave no esta en superarlo, si no en aprender a vivir con el recuerdo de lo que fue. El recuerdo de esas sonrisas que tenian un significado que nadie conocia y que aveces venian con una segunda intencion.

El recuerdo de esas miradas complices que expresaban masque un millon de palabras. Un millon de palabras que quiero decir, que quiero gritar pero que ya no valen nada.

El recuerdo de aquellas manos. Aquellas manos que tocaron a dios. Descubrieron el alba y olcutaron el sol. Aquellas manos que se posaban en cada rincon del cielo...

Ya son solo recuerdos. Recuerdos que se hacen cada vez mas lejanos, quedando solo el leve fantasma del tiempo.

Ahora hablemos de besos. Besos tiernos que eran mas dulces que el azucar. Besos largos que exploraban cada rincon, marcando territorio. Besos apresurados que dejaban esa sensacion de querer mas que nunca se saciaba. Besos como el dulce toque de un petalo d rosa. Besos que ya no estan.

Eso lo olvide, pero queda la intriga. Se sentira igual? Mejor? Peor? Nada?

No lo se. Y no quiero lastimarme averiguandolo.

Que paso? Que paso? Esa es mi preguna. Pero quizas esa sea la pregunta equivocada y deba de preguntarme: Que no paso?

Fue muy poco tiempo. No es necesario seguir muriendo lentamente. Pero imposible evitarlo. Y aqui vuelve el tema de las mascaras. Yo vivo con una, y sinceramente no se como quitarmela.

"Quisiera gritar tu nombre a un grupo de sordos y que todos aquellos ciegos admiraran tu belleza. Hablarte aunque no me escuches y que me mires una vez mas."

~Artemisa. <3

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hey guys! Today my friend Vicky wrote this x3, I thought it was quite nice so here it is:

Giving is the top level of living

How good is having a good life with all your dreams achieved? How good was working for all of it yourself, alone? Is it the complete enjoyment of yourself enjoying it all alone? Yet, how awful is it to enjoy it with nobody else? What is the purpose of humans in life? Is that question unanswered? I would say no. The purpose of humans can be explained very simple, yet it is very hard and complex to attain and to operate which is the solid truth as to why humanity keeps constructing a path upon destruction. I would say our purpose is giving, giving what is good to others.

Yet wait, don't get all raged upon this because you're one of those who continuously give to the others and never receive anything back. That is wrong, you're not supposed to expect anything back in your act of benevolence, the simple act of making something better is benefiting yourself as well. The proper is to be as useful as you can, be it in the worst situation as in the best situation. This in fact is one of the characteristics of a good leader, effective leaders don't pick up things in their way for themselves, they share it with many others, be that money, knowledge, experiences; they flourish their followers mind by the act of giving. Giving is the top level of living.

Some days ago someone told me: “you're like an angel fallen from the sky, why are you giving all of this to me?”. Well besides from the fact that I care for and love that person, what is there else to do? If every single human being held in front their greed and egoism, what type of solitary world would we be living in? Cultivate the quality of generosity in your life. John Maxwell states 5 qualities that one should maintain:

1.Be grateful for what you got,
2.Do not permit that the desire for possessions control you,
3.Put the people first,
4.Consider money as only second hand resource, not a vitality,
5.Enhance the habit of 'Giving'.

Richard Foster states that: “The simple act of spending money or any other goods, does something on us. That is, destroys the demon of greed.” And maybe you're completely against what I'm writing in here, maybe you say: “Why should I give something that I worked for?” If you're actually asking this to yourself, you're way out of the point.

Thank you,

6:35 A.M, Wednesday 10, 2009.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

And they named it love...

It's funny how a lonesome feeling- a feeling of utter boredom and futility- comes over me when I am away from her. It seems as though a part of me was actually somewhere else. And it's always the part that has a good time and enjoys life. The only remaining part is that which sees things as being rather gloomy and ill-tempered. This feeling certainly is one of the mysteries of life to me. I cannot see it, touch it, smell it, or hear it, but I feel it inside of me as surely as though it were something I could lay my hand on. When I'm alone, a new morning, the sun coming up, white clouds, a rested feeling following a good night's sleep, are all just the beginning of another day that must be hurried through so I can get on to something else. With her, a new day is something to enjoy together and a new opportunity to appreciate all the good things in life. The sun coming up starts the day with a radiance of color that shames a Michelangelo and makes any man-made attempt at beauty a mere insignificance. Can we hurry on and ignore such a thing? Too often we do. It's a wonderful thing to enjoy such beauties with one whose love means more than life itself.
We should thank God or whomever is sparing us, because I would give away anything for one more second with the one that I love the most.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well, I just realized that other writters were presenting themselves and saying some things about them... I believe I should do the same...

I chose Zeus because it was the Greek God that may reflect my personality and my way of acting towards people... and because it sounds alot better than Poseidon :P .
Zeus is the youngest son of Cronus and Rhea, becoming the supreme ruler of Mount Olympus and the Pantheon of Gods who resided there. Being the supreme ruler he upheld law, justice and morals, and this made him the spiritual leader of both gods and men. Zeus was a celestial god, and originally worshiped as a weather god by the Greek tribes.he name Zeus is related to the Greek word dios, meaning "bright". His other attributes as well as lightning were the scepter, the eagle and his aegis.

The weather stuff describes me perfectly, sometimes I'm sunny, other times I rain, and there are these times when I thunderstorm. I also have a great interest in what rightiousness is involved and I can say that I defend order. And as my legend describe me I throw thunder to my enemies or rivals. My personality is very similar to his. I can be arogant and sometimes mandatory but I'm mostly humble... I love and hate, I kiss and fight.
"Sometimes Zeus is clear, sometimes he rains."

If you need any notes about a topic in specific don't hesitate, just let me know.

Hope you enjoy my notes...


Hola todos:)
No había tenido la oportunidad de presentarme y aunque varias personas saben mi verdadera identidad quisiera manejarme por aquí con el nickname que digamos se me asigno, el cual es Artemisa. Artemisa es la hija de Zeus y Leto. Es la diosa de la caza. Es hermana de Apolo que esta vinculado con el Sol por lo que se vincula a Artemisa con la Luna.
Cuando Atenea me dijo que yo seria Artemisa no dije nada. Me quede callada porque pense: "Wow, como voy a ser Artemisa si estoy tan frágil estos días?". Me imagino que saben que Artemisa es una diosa de armas tomar y cuando estoy en zona normal yo también soy así. Así que dije: "umm todo esto es pasajero, creo que voy a poder con el seudónimo."
Y aquí estamos, trabajando para brindarles a todos los seguideros del blog un poquito de nuestros sentimientos.
Siempre he tenido esta percepción de mi, como fuerte, dura, calculadora y fría pero debido a distintas cosas me di cuenta que en verdad soy una persona bien sensible. Después de todo mi corazón es mas blando de lo que imagine.
Porque escribo?
Escribo porque hay veces que una quiere decir muchas cosas y no puede. No puede porque o no se debe decir, porque no todo se dice, o también cabe la posibilidad de que tenga miedo de decirlo o no sepa como expresarlo.
Es muy difícil que escriba sobre situaciones fictisias, mis escritos generalmente son de situaciones reales y hay que son cosas que me han pasado a mi. Por eso considero, perdonen la "modestia" que mis escritos están cargados con un sentimiento especial e increíble, porque son cosas con las que muchos nos podríamos sentir identificados.
Soy amante del amor, de la fantasía. Soy perseguidora de sueños y me intrigan las mariposas. Considero que fui el resultado de una noche de desenfrenada pasión y que por estar de contestona me sacaron del Olimpo, aunque se que no van a poder estar tanto tiempo sin mi presencia y Leto me va a mandar a buscar.
No les prometo versos de Neruda pero si escritos llenos de sentimientos puros y sinceros. Hagan el amor no la guerra, pero luchen por aquello que crean que es lo correcto.

Frases para considerar hoy:

  • Fighting for peace, is like fucking for virginity.
  • When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.
  • Be strong now because things will get better, it might be stormy now but it cant rain forever.

Y aqui me despido.

Monday, June 1, 2009

"What have I done?"

What have I done? The other day I just woke up and I felt this loneliness that invaded my house, my room, my heart. I kept wondering "why I feel like this, where is this coming from...?" While feeling this sensation I just realized that it's confusing; the fact that I feel lonely when I was never accompanied. But it wasn't just that. Misery had invaded my day like Rome conquered the world, slowly but successful. I felt misery, loneliness, I felt as if I was unloved, as if I was some sort of different race unlike humans, where love was unreachable. Emptiness was all there was left. Nothing became my everything. And the more I think about it, the more I get used to it. I've learned my lesson, and life taught me well. I learned how to differ the possible from the impossible. I thank heaven for this, it made me happy because now I can understand why I'm unhappy. But then I close my eyes and a tear comes out and I think again, "What have I done?, What have I done to deserve this? If it's a sanction for my sins I swear I'm sorry... For this torture I cannot stand. I know I'm not perfect, I just want to know what I need to be happy." But I guess it's late, I'm learning to live alone and to succeed alone. From now on me, myself and I will walk on.

I will analyze the impossible... then go, and make it happen.
Just for the sake of defiance.

Left in trance...

Days have past now and I'm still numb. The more I want the less I get the more I feel the more I regret, truth already written few is left to say. Oh, but Cupid was so stupid that he forgot an arrow...

Your eyes meet with mine as I hear the world crumble. When the eternity of a second lasts long enough for you to transport yourself to your deepest thoughts, and then you think you truly know what love might be. But I thank having met you. My life is in an overwhelming chaos, and you are the last glimpse of hope that seems to be unreachable... But this glimpse is enough, I have faith that one day I'll certainly reach and change...

And I wonder who dare says that God doesn't exist? When you are the perfect living proof of his actions.
If you're not perfect and have a flaw, please keep it to yourself, because after all these years I still can't find it.

For the people that often have to define love... I'm sorry but there is no human language that have the definition of love, if it did, it would lose all its meaning.

I adore you...


Last Sunday, I was in my German class and we were taking turns making sentences about what we would like to have sometime in the future. Everyone said they would love to have 1 million dollars, a convertible or some other material object. When my turn came around I said “I would like to have a sunflower.” Someone then proceeded to say that I must have everything in life if all I wanted was a sunflower. I let the subject drop but thought “, I don’t have it all, but I believe a sunflower from someone I love will make me happier than 1 million dollars.” You must be thinking why would anyone choose a sunflower over a million dollars, but think about it. What will you do with 1 million dollars? I guess they’d be okay if you were making other people happy with them, but what if you’re too blinded by the power the money gives you that you forget to share? What if you only want the money for yourself? There so many what if’s and I can only say this much: From life I’ve learned the simplest things are what make you happy. A smile, a kiss, a simple look and your whole world can be turned upside down. Of course money is necessary to achieve some goals, but is it all there is to life? True happiness is achieved by making others happy. It's not something you can just buy at the nearest Walmart. Trust me I'd know.




Some people are defined as daily challenges we need to overcome. Others as friends we care, and several as other human beings. But I specially define you as motivation. You are the only reason I wake up in the morning, you're the only reason I study, just because I want to be smart when you're around. You're the only reason I exercise, just to be in shape and not look bad when you're around. You're the only reason I give my 100% wherever I go, just so you can realize that I'm determined.

You are truly exceptional. Some people come and go. Others come, mark our hearts, and go. But I'd definitely wish for you to come, mark my heart, but never go. You're the only reason I write, just to have hope that one day you can read this and be touched. You're the only reason I stay up late at night, just because I'm scared of not dreaming about you. And finally, you're the only reason I breath, because I want to always have enough air to be able to say I love you, even on my last breath.

I Love You.
Oh and how was Cupid that stupid, he just forgot an arrow.

Hojas Secas

Por culpa de las palabras vagas que alguna vez salieron de tu boca,
mi mente genera incansablemente nuestro reencuentro.
Vaya ilusa. Cree que seré presa de tus dulces engaños. De tus vacias
palabras que me envuelven como collar a un cuello.
Acaso crees que volveré a caer? No lo haré.
Quizás lo haga para complacerte, porque soy un ser masoquista que se
castiga diariamente con pensarte. Con el sabor amargo de tu recuerdo.
Quisiera castigar tu sombra, haciéndola desaparecer
Sabes? Tu sombra es lo único que tienes. Esos títeres de circo solo aparecen
cuando mas les conviene. Estas solo. No tienes a nadie.
Tu ego ya es mas grande que tu razón. Veo como se infla tu pecho cada
vez que te paso por al lado. Como si te llenara de orgullo que alguna vez
fui flor en tu jardín.
Hoy cortas mi tallo, alegando que en tu jardín solo hay lugar para orquideas.
Que hay de los tulipanes? Acaso no son los suficientemente sofisticados?
No lo quiero saber. No me interesa.
Sin embargo me entristece saber que ninguna orquidea te va a durar lo suficiente.
Perdiste a un tulipán que se marchito. Marchito porque olvidaste alimentarlo
Y sabes que? No lo vas a recuperar.
Me quedare aquí, velando tu recuerdo, alimentando tu sombra. Celebrare tus
éxitos y llorare tu soledad.
Porque estas solo. Perdiste una gran oportunidad de ser feliz. Perdiste a alguien
que te amó sin prejuicios, sin miramientos, alguien que amo tus defectos y adopto
tus habitos como si fueran de ella misma.
Pero la llama se apago, solo quedan las cenizas que solo esperan pacientes, un viento
que sople muy fuerte para luego, desaparecer.
Estas solo. Yo te ame.


Everyday when I wake up and look myself in the mirror I start regreting things of my past, of my present. A new day starts and I can't stop regreting that I'm not with you. I deeply regret that im not the prince charming at the balcony of my princess. But what can I do besides look at myself in the mirror and regret. Then I blink and look at myself again, I regret not being your physical type, I regret not being as physically atractive as the man in your dreams. Then I blink and regret again. I regret all those times I made you mad even though my true intention is to always make you happy. Then I blink and regret again. I regret not being the most awesome guy that all girls would love to date nor the perfect type of guy. Then I blink and regret again. I regret that my jokes aren't fun enough and sometimes I can't make you laugh, I regret not being the funny guy that sometimes you wish to enjoy. Then I blink and regret again. I regret not having enough time, because 24 hours a day just don't seem enough, I regret being imperfect, I regret not being the best in somethings, I regret not being rich, not afording to give you anything fancy or take you everywhere, I regret not having a house by the beach. I regret not being everything you want in a guy. But this is what I am, and what I don't regret is falling in love with you.

A friend once told me, "If you love someone and you can't be with that person... appreciate her happiness"

My answer was simple..., "I know, but I got dragged into the appreciation of her happiness that I forgot my own."

He replied... "Then it's simple, just from now on, don't do anything that you will regret in a future..."And yet, just for the sake of defiance...

I wrote this note, the note that I might someday regret have written.

Att: Zeus


Hallooo!! Heute, komme ich aus Deutschland. Ich bin sehr froh :D:D. Tenemos un escritor nuevoo :O:O Bienvenidooo al MONTE OLIMPO :O:O xD .

Mi escrito nuevoo :

No me digas que te ame si apenas te conocí. El amor no se logra en una noche de pasión desmesurada. No confundas el amor con la pasión, pues cuando grande te dolerá. Busca el amor en una sonrisa y no en un beso apasionado. Busca el amor en lo sencillo y tierno, no en lo complejo y apasionado. El amor conlleva a la pasión y no la pasión al amor; al menos esa es mi opinión. No creas que a mí te has aferrado pues estás sumamente equivocado. Piensa las cosas dos veces y no me digas que sin mí no puedes mirar hacia el frente. Lo nuestro solo fue algo temporal y nada más. Anda vete ya y “enamórate una vez más.

Con amor,

Afrodita <3

Eres solo una mas.

Se dejo llevar por el viento. Saco sus alas y voló.

Pero cuando abrió sus ojos y despierto, vio que estaba en el mismo lugar. En la misma cama, en la misma habitación. Era solo su imaginación, era solo eso y nada mas..Seguía metida en aquel infierno. Envuelta en la manta blanca. Tomando medicinas cada hora.
Sus alas se rompieron al instante que volvió a su fría realidad, al instante que volvió a la monotonía de aquel lugar. Dejo de soñar, estaba triste y vencida. Perdió la esperanza de salir, de volar.

Gritaba en el vació: Es que es tan fácil juzgar. Dígame, es que estoy loca por querer algo más. Es que estoy loca por querer sentir el aire, por querer volar. No me mediquen más. No la necesito. Solo quiero mi libertad.. Dígame señora ¿es que estoy loca de verdad?

Las enfermeras que pasaban, no intentaban comprenderla, no le interesaba escuchar, porque para ellas era solo una mas.

Para terminar con esto que escribí hoy, les dejare con algo que me digo un amigo cercano, Maximo.

There are people that want, that desire to see the invisible, to touch the untouchable, to do the impossible, to feel the incredible and to achieve greatness into a whole another level. People that want this are either very very stupid or too smart and full of mind power.

Hola amigos, una vez mas atenea por aquí, se que quizás no muchos lean esta pagina, o quizás algunos no les agrade. Lo digo pq tenemos pocos seguidores y nada de comentarios jaja.. pero quizás sea normal cuando uno comienza un blog..

Les presentare quienes somos. Somos tres chicas y un chico, que nos agradan escribir, que escribimos por pasión, por lo que sentimos y vivimos. Usamos apodos, somos dioses(as). Cada uno con un toque diferente. Para poder ser y decir lo que queramos.. para usar la libertad a nuestro favor. Para ser lo que somos.

Artemisa: Es ella, simplemente ella, una chica inteligente y ágil. Tiene un talento único, el talento para convencer e imitar. El talento de la escritura, de pasar todos sus sentimientos malos y buenos a una hoja.

Afrodita: no de verdad tan amorosa... Pero es idealista. Es la que mantiene la pagina como esta. Con ese fondo tan espectacular. Tiene una facilidad para escribir de cualquier tema y relacionarlo a lo que siente. Le agrada leer y pensar… lo veran en sus letras.

Zeus: El gran líder. Este chico, es un líder, tiene grandes ideas y escribe con el corazón. Le agrada la historia y comprenderla. Le gusta la política pero odia a los políticos o al menos a una gran parte de ellos. Personalmente lo considero como un revolucionario, como un hombre que lucha por lo que quiere. El es el gran Zeus. Y de los cuatro es el que esta mas loco.

Atenea :D yo!! jaja.. me gusta leer, escribir, pensar, la fotografía … algunas de las que están en el blog son tiradas por mi. Escribo… si, escribo.. Aun no c porque.. si por desahogo, si por deseo, si por pasión.. Solo se que escribo… mis letras.. son a veces sentimientos, quizás míos o quizás de otras personas.

Bienvenidos a Monte Olimpo

Un fuerte abrazo a todos los que lean este blog..

Hoy les dejare algunas frases:

˝La locura, a veces, no es otra cosa que la razón presentada bajo diferente forma˝
˝Todos son locos, pero el que analiza su locura, es llamado filósofo. ˝
˝Cuando todo el mundo está loco, ser cuerdo es una locura˝

Att: Atenea