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Sunday, June 7, 2009

And they named it love...

It's funny how a lonesome feeling- a feeling of utter boredom and futility- comes over me when I am away from her. It seems as though a part of me was actually somewhere else. And it's always the part that has a good time and enjoys life. The only remaining part is that which sees things as being rather gloomy and ill-tempered. This feeling certainly is one of the mysteries of life to me. I cannot see it, touch it, smell it, or hear it, but I feel it inside of me as surely as though it were something I could lay my hand on. When I'm alone, a new morning, the sun coming up, white clouds, a rested feeling following a good night's sleep, are all just the beginning of another day that must be hurried through so I can get on to something else. With her, a new day is something to enjoy together and a new opportunity to appreciate all the good things in life. The sun coming up starts the day with a radiance of color that shames a Michelangelo and makes any man-made attempt at beauty a mere insignificance. Can we hurry on and ignore such a thing? Too often we do. It's a wonderful thing to enjoy such beauties with one whose love means more than life itself.
We should thank God or whomever is sparing us, because I would give away anything for one more second with the one that I love the most.