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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hey guys! Today my friend Vicky wrote this x3, I thought it was quite nice so here it is:

Giving is the top level of living

How good is having a good life with all your dreams achieved? How good was working for all of it yourself, alone? Is it the complete enjoyment of yourself enjoying it all alone? Yet, how awful is it to enjoy it with nobody else? What is the purpose of humans in life? Is that question unanswered? I would say no. The purpose of humans can be explained very simple, yet it is very hard and complex to attain and to operate which is the solid truth as to why humanity keeps constructing a path upon destruction. I would say our purpose is giving, giving what is good to others.

Yet wait, don't get all raged upon this because you're one of those who continuously give to the others and never receive anything back. That is wrong, you're not supposed to expect anything back in your act of benevolence, the simple act of making something better is benefiting yourself as well. The proper is to be as useful as you can, be it in the worst situation as in the best situation. This in fact is one of the characteristics of a good leader, effective leaders don't pick up things in their way for themselves, they share it with many others, be that money, knowledge, experiences; they flourish their followers mind by the act of giving. Giving is the top level of living.

Some days ago someone told me: “you're like an angel fallen from the sky, why are you giving all of this to me?”. Well besides from the fact that I care for and love that person, what is there else to do? If every single human being held in front their greed and egoism, what type of solitary world would we be living in? Cultivate the quality of generosity in your life. John Maxwell states 5 qualities that one should maintain:

1.Be grateful for what you got,
2.Do not permit that the desire for possessions control you,
3.Put the people first,
4.Consider money as only second hand resource, not a vitality,
5.Enhance the habit of 'Giving'.

Richard Foster states that: “The simple act of spending money or any other goods, does something on us. That is, destroys the demon of greed.” And maybe you're completely against what I'm writing in here, maybe you say: “Why should I give something that I worked for?” If you're actually asking this to yourself, you're way out of the point.

Thank you,

6:35 A.M, Wednesday 10, 2009.